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We Love Challenges! Achieving Growth!

Out ultimate goal and passion are to increase online sales through every appropriate digital channel

Branding & Marketing

A-Z Full Service Agency 

Team of Skilled Pros

With the Right People, Great Things Can Happen

Market Wize is one of the top leading digital marketing companies in the industry. We have an action-based philosophy to help sellers grow their brands on Amazon, the largest e-commerce platform in the world. Market Wize was established to help manufacturers, retailers, and brands increase their visibility and, of course, their sales in the global, e-commerce market.


We will place your brand at the forefront of the Amazon Stage. We are a FULL SERVICE AMAZON MARKETING AGENCY. Our management consulting department specializes in solving problems and resolving issues, while designing e-commerce solutions for your brand.

About Us

At Market Wize you will find a professional solution for all your online needs. We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach.
Each of our clients is an individual and we carefully gather our insights about their business and then target audiences and competition to understand what resonates and which direction to take.
Based on that we decide on the traffic source which is destined to drive the highest possible return on their investment.

THE GOAL… To increase online sales through every appropriate digital channel.

Decades Of Experience

Not many people can claim to have been working in this field as long as we have and we love nothing more than to impart our knowledge and use it to the benefit of our clients.

We Love Challenges

Our ultimate goal is to increase online sales through every appropriate digital channel.

Team Of Skilled

Together with a knowledgeable and faithful team of both creative and business professionals, we  bring a unique and comprehensive service to all our customers.

Huge Client Portfolio

Over all those years, we’ve worked and impacted many online and offline physical products’ manufacturers, achieving growth. 

So Why Do You Need Market Wize? 

Whether you are just starting out on your Amazon journey and are eager to make your brand known and recognized, or if you already have an Amazon business and want to take it to the next level – Market Wize is the solution for you.
 Market Wize consultants ensure that your products are visible by featuring them exactly where your target audience is looking for them. We manage your account from A to Z and ensure you reach more customers. We have the insight on how consumers’ minds and online behavior works, how to best influence them to complete a purchase and how to help you sell your goods quickly.
 As Amazon and advertising professionals we are able to bring our many years of experience, expertise and insights of all Amazon categories to incorporate the most innovative selling tactics into your business and bring you to THE NEXT LEVEL.

Services We Offer!

A-to-Z Amazon Experts

With the experience and expertise to handle all aspects of your Amazon business, we deal with:
● Amazon Store Setup
● Listing Management
● Brand Management
● Sponsored Products and Amazon Advertising
● Store & Product Optimization
● Enhanced Brand Content
● Promotions
● Reporting
● Competitive Analysis
Taking The Pain Out OF PPC
PPC is all Greek to most people.
Let the experts handle it!

By using carefully crafted advertising strategies, we leave nothing to chance resulting in higher ROI (Return on Investment) and lower ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sales).
Don't Limit Yourself
We want you to appear on as many marketplaces as possible for the widest visibility of your brand.
This includes major platforms such as Ebay, Jet & Walmart as well as Amazon USA, International Amazon Marketplaces including Canada, the UK and & other European countries, Australia, Japan and more.
Appeals & Resolutions

Our extensive knowledge and expertise in this marketplace puts us in a unique position to "get your account out of trouble". 
Excellent Content
Content can make or break your product. Our copywriters are professional and experienced in e-commerce. They write copy THAT SELLS.
By allowing us to set up and take care of your payments we are able to save you lost income by monitoring returns and errors made by Amazon warehouses.
Email Marketing & Social Media
Through our highly effective digital marketing campaigns aimed at cold and warm traffic alike, we convert cold leads into customers and one-time buyers into loyal ambassadors of your brand and your products.
Sales Funnels
We create buyers out of browsers -
Through researching your target audience we work out the problem, draw the potential customer in and offer them a solution to their problem with your product. We take your prospective buyers through their entire purchasing journey.
Remarketing Strategies
We create personalized AD campaigns in order to reach out to users who know your brand and products. We target the user, personalizing them and encouraging them to move further along the conversion funnel, resulting in higher Average Order Value.

Meet Market Wize

Market Wize is a family-owned business, based on two core divisions, Marketing & Strategy, each led by married couple, Maya & Nir. 

Nir and Maya have been working together in the e-commerce field for over 10 years. They are professionals in the world of all things Amazon. Working with incredible passion, they fully understand all aspects of this fascinating seller platform.

Get in Touch

IF you are excited about the prospect of selling on Amazon or other e-commerce sites.

IF you are looking to take yourAmazon business to the next level.
IF you want to grow your business over and above what you ever creamed.

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